Dwarf Rouge


PC for CrsNts. Cousin to Sten

Times were dark in the days before the Dwarves took to the mountains to escape the power struggle of the magi and sorcerers who were beginning to dwell in dark things and follow dark deities. The followers of good, known as the religious sort began to speak against the dark arts of the “non-religious” kind. In time great confrontations began to occur among them. This soon lead to larger battles for power and control of areas in the surface cities. It is said that the dwarves of the day didn’t care for such things. We only had interest in making stone from the lands look like a thing of beauty instead of just a dirty rock. We were of the lands, not this magic sort. Soon we began to call out the the higher artisans to lead us to safer places and we were lead to follow our elders to the mountains. There the dwarves began to form great halls and pride once again flourished. As dwarves could appreciate their crafts made by their fellow dwarves. In time, the dwarves began to discover and understand the importance of the oddly colored stones that would occasionally slow them in making progress with their “stone” work. Most young crafters and artisans made simple things from simple stone. Master crafters formed great things with all types of stone and some found satisfaction in crafting the more elaborate stone pieces that contained color and shine. Since these stones were pretty in their own right, some crafters began to form various shapes with them and would trade them to the merchants guild for goods. The merchant traders found that the surface dwellers really loathed these stones of color. Each trip to the surface would lead to the humans and elves alike bartering for the crafted colored stones. Over time these stones were given titles such as emerald, diamond, ruby and the more pure its color the more it was sold or traded for. Over time the merchants said they would see their stones of days past adorning large staffs carried by the religious and non-religious sort. Some would even seem to glow.

It is said, that the non-religious type became hungry for the stones we held in our vaults. Humans and elves alike betrayed our trust when they would enter our cities and try to steal from our vaults. It is believed that over time the surface dwellers feared our great strongholds and would not enter among the dwarves because of the danger for their safety due to our strong dislike for their past actions and insults. It was said that we had master archers and would cut those down that tried to enter our sturdy stone doors.
Instead of entering our cities themselves, it is said that the magi and sorcerers raised large monstrous creatures called orcs. These creatures were sent to our holds in attempts to recover what they could take for their masters and would not stop until death found them. Our kind began to hate fighting these orc as they would come day and night. It was sworn, by the dwarves, that orcs would be killed on site if they were ever encounter outside our city. Doing this would please our elders and rewards would be bestowed to the killer of any orc.
But this is only legend. Stories passed down to the younger generations now as those were the days of old.
Some chose to still believe these stone pieces might still exist in the world of the surface dwellers. Religious sects and the powerful non religious types seem to no longer exist on the surface. At least not in an obvious form. The stories and legends could have been formed to keep young dwarves from associating with the surface folk and keep the youngins safe from being spoiled and corrupted by human and elf.
I believe the stories and believe these pieces did come to pass. I hope to find items that are said to exsist from the days of the magi and sorcerers. To know the legends were true!
My name is Goate, I am a dwarf on a crusade.


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