Terrus Kelivar

Samsaran Oracle


PC for Sithllama

A Samsaran Oracle focused on healing and the Mystery of Time. Prefers to turn his opponents strengths against him rather than fight himself.


Since time beyond memory, Terrus had spent his many, many lives as all good Samsarans do, striving with each reincarnation to become a little better, a little purer, a little closer to being at one with the Universe. And after many, many such cycles, he finally achieved it. As he felt the perfect peace and Oneness surround him, he was transported to the Astral, ascending to a new state of being. And for a time, he was happy.

But being of such power and perception, he found it difficult to ignore the constant suffering of those he had left behind, his families of the past, his friends, gone and reborn, that had yet to join him in the higher Plane. Surely, it could not hurt to aid them, to speed them on their way, just a little?

Apparently, it could. For his transgressions against the Order of things, and his attempt to return to the Material Plane, Terrus was sentenced to the worst punishment the Council could imagine: He was given what he asked for. As one, the focused all their energies and sent him back to Material Plane, but not as he had been, a powerful astral. No, in returning him the also placed upon him a curse: to live every single one of his lives over again back to front, traveling backwards through time until he reached the beginning and must start over again.

As the Campaign begins, Terrus has only fairly recently relived his last death, and though a few years have regressed since then, the experience has shaken him greatly. He finds himself an Oracle of Time in a land that has forgotten what the Gods even are, and for the life of him he can’t remember what is going to happen.

Terrus Kelivar

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