Verdant blooded Sorcerer, owner of a magic items stall, and reluctant companion of the party.


Variel was born to one of the minor noble houses of Tikal. For his entire adolescent life, he was pampered, given the best educations gold could buy, and given everything he could ever want. His father was a very wealthy merchant, who focused in the production of magic items, while his mother was the one of noble blood.

Variel worked hard to please his father, helping him create his items whenever he was allowed. It felt natural to him, the magic that coursed through his veins made infusing items with magical power easy. His father had shown him multiple shortcuts and ways to make items cheaper than most crafters, as maximizing profits is always the top priority, or so his father taught him.

Shortly after his 80th birthday, Variel’s world was turned upside down. A member of his family, his mothers brother, was publicly caught dealing in child slavery. The damage to the family name was extreme. Every contract the family had worked for, for generations, was revoked. No one would do business with the once proud noble house, which stopped all forms of income they had been receiving.

The sudden lack of profits forced Variel’s family to spend absurd amounts from the family vault, quickly depleting what remaining wealth the family had. Variel’s father, who was shunned from ever doing business in the city again, left his family behind without saying a word to them. Variel’s mother, grief stricken from her husbands abandonment, her beloved families name being besmirched and shunned, and the overwhelming embarrassment from her brothers actions, drove her to commit suicide.

Variel was now, officially, the sole heir to the family name, having no other brothers or sisters. For the next 20 years, Variel sank into a deep depression. He managed to keep his families estate, the land being rightfully his, no one else could make a claim on it, though his mansion was now empty, the furniture, artwork, and everything precious had been sold off to feed and clothe him.

One morning, Variel woke up, looking at his once beautiful home. Where silver and gold were once inlaid in the walls and doorways, only chisel marks remained, sold for food. Where the ornate dinning table, were the family shared their meals and laughed and smiled about the days events, only left scuff marks on the floor, sold for booze.

The sewing room, where his mother used to spend hours, making the little pieces of clothing that Variel loved so much, his feather armlets being the only thing he still had from his mothers expert hands. The room now sat cold, empty, a thick layer of dust covered the floor and window sill, Variel couldn’t bring himself to step foot in there.

He finally came to his fathers workshop, the only thing Variel dared not to sell. The room sat, coated in dust. As Variel stared at the tools on the workbench, the few odds and ends his father had left, when he hurriedly abandoned his family, seemed to stare back at Variel. At that moment, Variel knew just what he had to do.

From that day on, Variel would work hard, he would do anything required of him to see his families home returned to it’s former glory. He used his fathers equipment and remnants of his own bedframe to make a collapsible purveyors stall. He began to sell anything he could make, and began taking odd jobs from around town.

Through one of the very few contacts he still had, he was able to meet with a noble who needed some particularly dangerous work done. Variel had nothing to lose, if he perished then his families shame died with him, but he was determined to fix his once beautiful home. As Variel came to the noble manor, he was approached by the lord himself. After looking the small elf boy over, the noble stuck his nose to the air.
“Aren’t you one of those WhiteShrouds who were in that child trafficking scandal?” The noble asked with disdain.
Variel just smirked. “No, my Lord. That family died some time ago… My name is Variel. Variel Silverblood. How may I be of assistance?”

And with those words, Variel knew there was no going back, this was his destiny, his path to follow. He will make his new name known, far and wide, and bring honor back to his home.


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