House Rules

Character creation:
A simple point system is used. All stats start at 10. There are 18 points
to spend. There is a 1:1 buy/sell ratio. No stat can go below 8 or above
18 prior to race selection.

Race: Any race from the core book. Evil races are not allowed due to story line.

Class: No Divine casters with the exception of Oracle. Any other class from the
Core book or Advanced Players Guide allowed.

HP: All Characters start off at lvl 1 with Max HP.

Starting levels: All started at level 1. If a character dies due to game play and the player
wants to start a new character, they will be created at 1 lvl lower then
the party average level. If a player kills off their character or just
decides to make a new one, they start off at 2 lvls lower then the party
average or 1 lvl lower then the lowest lvl party member, whichever is

Crits: In combat a critical hit must be confirmed. If the confirmation is
a natural 20 then there is a third roll. If third roll confirms a hit then the PC/NPC struck is at 0hp. If the last roll is also a Natural 20 then Coupe de grace rules apply.

Crit Failure: A natural 1 during combat is a critical failure. If another PC is within
range then it is considered a critical threat aginst them and rolls would
be made to confrim the same as Crit rules above. If no PC is within range
a mishap will happen that will either cause the PC to lose their weapon,
fall prone, or lose next action. All are subject to GM discretion and are
on a case by case basis. NPC’s follow same rules for both crits and crit

GM RULES: All rules maybe enforced or ignored by the GM at anytime and are subject
to change. That being said, I strive to make the game fun for all envolved.
I do discourage powergaming and metagaming.

House Rules

Red Hand KennethMcmillan