Red Hand

Variel's Journal entry 2

July 29, 2013

Sorry it’s been so long, journal. It’s been an… interesting few months. We decided that it would be easier to attempt to steal a diamond from a group of Orcs up in the mountains, rather than hunt down this book. The ranger has some spell casting ability, but it is painfully obvious he is a novice. I mean, getting a hold of the book they had been searching for, and not putting his mark on it? Having no way of tracing it? Amateur.

We met a group of thieves, attempting to steal an artifact form the party. I can only assume they were meaning the book. Which means that these thieves were not only amateurs to think they could take on a group as well coordinated as us, but they were also misinformed about the location of the book. After dispatching most of them, we bound their mage to take with us. Unfortunately, one of them slipped away and took our wagon and two horses with him. He probably thought the artifact was on the wagon.

We dragged the mage back to town, demanding the location of their hideout. She was very forthcoming with the information, telling us how to find it and even agreeing to help us, for a small bribe. Or so we thought.

I took my leave of the group, going back to working my stall for roughly a month and half. It was a decent month, the stall was making a good amount more than I had expected to make. I need to buy an actual shop, maybe hire a few people to look after it while I am out. I have started a small savings, till I can afford to buy and fix up my own place. The bazaar is good for the short term, but I’m looking for making a decent living off of my wares. Note to self: find cheap real estate. Perferably close to the market square.

The group returned, without the mage, informing me that she slipped away in the midst of a combat they were in. Fools. After their return, they decided to try and take on a bounty. I, reluctantly, agreed to help them. I should have stayed home, journal. I really should have. After trudging through miles of swamp, we came across out target. A BLOODY DRAGON TURTLE!!! These fools thought it would be a good idea to just waltz up and kick it in the teeth a few times. Well, needless to say, after it surfaced and scalded us all within an inch of our lives with it’s blasted steam breath, we ran.

I am never listening to this group again, without doing my own research into the jobs they take on. Such fools.



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